Wood Artwork On Siesta Key, Florida

Wood Artwork On Siesta Key, Florida. Growing up in New York I first fell in love with the world of artworks through my first art teacher opening my eyes to the world of abstract art. Once I was introduced to Dali and Escher I knew I wanted to be an artist but I need to be unique.


I really first started with graffiti and designing labels for clothing or music album covers and car decals but this was just a taste of what’s to come.

I knew I wanted to leave the dreary over cast weathers of NY so the second day after I graduated high school I started my epic journey down south with only $500 and a dog and ended up in Sarasota. As soon as I put my feet in siesta sand I knew I was home and instantly fell in love with it’s environment. Soon after I started to find my new ways of artwork.

I started with palm tree carvings, personalized calligraphy, and even airbrush but it was a Halloween weekend when I was doing my favorite thing, pumpkin carving, when I thought I can do this with wood! I have ALWAYS been fascinated by woods and how they age and their maneuverability ever since a kid and when I realized I can work with both ideas I couldn’t sleep the same anymore. Endless ideas started rolling and I made my first artwork for my little boys room which might still be my favorite.

For the past two years I have been practicing my craft at home to finally have the product you see today. As I mentioned in the beginning I always try to stay unique and each artwork is one of a kind in many ways. Each one is a one of one due to the reclaimed woods I use.

Each wood will have many imperfections and knots/dents due to their source. Many of my woods are pallets and those have so many stories to begin with. My process starts with tracking down my woods and then the tedious process and breaking them apart and then a lot of sanding. Lots !!

Once I’m done with my sketching of the image I then do my cutting one board at a time with an array of blades for detail and then put everything back together like a puzzle. Once it’s all arranged and to my liking I begin my paint/stain process I have created. I use a large array of paints and use an even larger collection of stains to create a stunning creation on wood. I try to create a wood look that mimics rare woods like rainbow eucalyptus or magnolia but even cooler. Steller Wood!

I then finish them off with the ultimate coolest finishing touch, accent all of my art works with battery powered LED lights and remote-controlled. It gives the artworks a second dimension at night. Being that it’s battery powered you can hang these anywhere! No wires or outlet to find. The remote has 8 modes and even a timer as well.

Most of my artworks are sea life inspired simply because I love boating and doing them and also it is very popular down here but half of my work are custom orders. From team logos to businesses the material is truly endless. I’m proud to say I have artworks scattered across almost half of our nation now. For me there’s still nothing more awesome to see your artwork hanging on their wall and they love it.

I am living and working here in Sarasota with my amazing wife and my 3 year old boy Camden and our family dog Angus. We’re also expecting another baby boy in September! We also both work at The Cottage on Siesta Key where we get to meet people from all over and it’s a great field for me to showcase my artworks at the bar I bartend at. Like bartending at your own art gallery. Not bad!

You can find me and my “Wood Artwork” every Sunday at the Siesta Key Farmers Market from 8am to 1pm located in the Village at 5104 Ocean Blvd. My website www.stellerartworks.com