The Real Truth About Bamboo Bodywear In Florida

The Real Truth About Bamboo Bodywear In Florida.

Why Bamboo Fabric?

The moisture absorption, dampness release elements and ventilation of bamboo fiber has proved to be best compared to that of other textile products.

The intersecting surface of Bamboo Fiber is filled with various tiny gaps and micro-holes; it has much better moisture absorption and ventilation.

With this unparalleled microstructure, bamboo fiber garments can effectively absorb and evaporate human sweat in a split second, and make the wearer feel cool in summer and never suffocating in winter. Apparel made from bamboo is 1-2 degrees lower in comparison to normal clothing in the hot summer.

Who is Bambooty Bodygear?

Bambooty Bodygear began with a single design concept in 2011, “The Bambooty Original” a neck gator/bandana alternative made from Bamboo Fiber.

Founder R. Joseph Monach  designed the “Bambooty Original” out of necessity. The search for a comfortable, utilitarian designed bandana alternative yielded no results. As a runner Joe realized a void in the market existed. Joe created the prototype by cutting and sewing a long underwear top.

While the design for the Bambooty Original worked, the fabric did not. Joe decided to pursue alternative natural fabrics and settled on Bamboo Fiber. The bamboo fiber is soft and luxurious to the touch but also offers a sundry of performance characteristics.

Joe spent the summer of 2012 in Pittsburgh after a nasty divorce. It is here that as fate would have it, Joe met Andrea Meythaler, his current life and business partner. The two found a synergy that translates into what the company has become today but at the time neither had known the evolution to come.

Joe returned to Florida to reconnect with his 3 sons and his mother (saint) who help launch the company with a $500 cash infusion and a house where Joe could re-invent himself and his life.

Joe continued to wait tables at the age of 47 while pursuing the concept of the Bambooty Original. He and his mother spent countless hours researching and developing what would be the basis of the company. Joe established a relationship with a Chinese textile manufacturing company and placed the first order “Bambooty Originals”.

The order arrived 45 days later and created a moment of future clarity. This was to be the direction! The order consisted of 3 colors in this one style which were Black, Pink and White. Joe started taking the product to running events, triathlons and anywhere athletes might be educated about the product.

The combination of the design and the bamboo fiber which aside from being ultra soft is also a natural performance fabric was received with open arms by the community. The black and the pink sold but the white was not moving.

Joe and Andrea continued a 6-month long distance relationship with Skype chats, and frequent travel. Joe is 51 and Andrea is 29 and as unlikely as the pair might appear in the initial meeting of them both, you soon come to see the connection. This connection was not to be denied and soon Andrea moved back to her home state of Florida.

Andrea and Joe are both University educated. Andrea attended Carnegie Mellon University for Fine Arts and Joe attended the Indiana University Of Pa. for Business. Joe’s Mother and the third business partner raised 4 children as a single mother owing her own hair salons for 50 years.

When Andrea arrived and moved into the home with Joe and Rochelle, she immediately started attending the events where the “Bambooty Original” was being sold. She notice the fact the white was not selling as effectively as the other colors and offered to hand dye the white thus creating some color.

Joe and Andrea, his girlfriend, went to Joann Fabric and purchased a dye kit and went to work. This was the beginning of Bambooty Bodygear as it is today. The newly dyed white originals sold out in 1 hour and gave us our first wholesale account with a national running store. Today Bambooty has 26 products in production.

Bambooty has grown in the last several years by taking the initial $500 investment and re-investing over and over and over again. Bambooty Headgear has since evolved to Bambooty Bodygear as we shifted away from offering a line of headgear to a more complete line of Bamboo Fiber Apparel. Our biggest obstacle to date was not having enough product to satisfy our consumer demand.

2017 will begin a partnership with AMAZON and multiple distributors via wholesale agreements and additional market models.

You can find Bambooty Bodygear with Joe and Andrea every Sunday at the Siesta Key Farmers Market located in the Village at 5104 Ocean Blvd. from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Their website

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