Where To Buy Affordable Tunisian Towels

Where To Buy Affordable Tunisian Towels? The Siesta Key Farmers Market is a great spot to buy these incredible towels. The market is open every Sunday from 8am to 1pm on the beautiful tropical island paradise of Siesta Key, Florida.

The Fouta Spa is the home of a traditionally hand loomed Fouta towels! Both Isabella and Michael, have been importing their unique product for over seven years here in America, working exclusively with Artisanal Weavers in Tunisa.

The Fouta Spa booth with Isabella and Michael Crider will have hundreds of towels for your viewing and purchase. Who is The Fouta Spa? Let’s share a little bit about them. Their goal is to ensure the integrity of this centuries old, eco-friendly and hand loomed unique product. Though many have tried, particularly in Turkey and India ( China is getting there too … ) the time honored tradition of looming and natural dyes has proven impossible to duplicate.

Fouta towels have become the standard of excellence for decencies throughout the Mediterranean (In Turkish Baths), in Europe and now in America. Thanks to its absorbency, durability (Tight Woven) and versatility they are the new generation of bath, beach and pool towels.

Home of the original “Fouta” towel, where tradition meets luxury. All of our 100% cotton, hand loomed “Fouta” towels are traditionally hand made in Tunisia, as they have been for centuries.

Thanks to their extraordinary durability and versatility, the “Fouta” has emerged as the new generation of beach and bath towels, here in America and Europe!

Eco friendly and tight woven, the more you wash them, the softer and the more absorbent they get! AKA “Hammam” or Turkish spa towels, they have been used in Turkish baths around the world for generations.

Though many have tried, particularly in India and Turkey, the time honored tradition of “looming” has proven impossible to duplicate.

Come visit us all year long at the Siesta Key Farmers Market every Sunday 8am to 1pm at 5104 Ocean Blvd. Siesta Key Village and begin living the eco friendly Fouta lifestyle.

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Look What Some Of Their Customers Are Saying:

“Love my Foutas and hope to purchase a few more when in Siesta Key next year. My sis loves hers too!”
Wren S – Siesta Key,FL

“I bought several foutas at the Minnesota state fair this year. I bought the typical size as well as the smaller and one large square. I love them and I am finding more uses all the time!” 🙂 – Katie L. Minnesota

“I had a guest this weekend who LOVED your towels! See you this weekend in Dunedin! – Tracy Lynn